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Take a look at the different clients that we serve. Rolling Hills Industries Inc provides cleaning and janitorial services that are essential for any business. We are a dependable and professional business cleaning service. We serve businesses and organizations in Westmoreland, Indiana and surrounding counties. 

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Forefront Dermatology
S&T Bank
Specialty Bar Products Company
Excela Health
Westmoreland Plastics Company
Smail Auto Group
Pace Industries
Commercial Bank & Trust of PA
General Carbide.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"I have been the Purchasing Manager at Westmoreland Plastics for 17 years and during that time we have enjoyed a very positive business relationship with Rolling Hills. Rolling Hills has provided dependable service and a level of professionalism that has met and exceeded our expectations. We look forward to many years of service from Rolling Hills."
- Nancy Marts, Manager of Purchasing / Westmoreland Plastics Company

"Since 2007, it has been 35,424 hours (or 1,476 days) and counting in which Rolling Hills has not ever missed one day or one hour of work for us. We can always count on them to be there at all times that we require them!"
-Buyer / Specialty Bar Products Company

"Rolling Hills is a cleaning company that we have come to depend on for so many things. In addition to our monthly regular cleaning, we rely on them for any short notice request and special projects. They have always come through and been there for us. And they always do the job right!"
- Dan Krinock / Pace Industries

"We at Smail Auto Group have very high expectations for our cleaning service for both our customers and our employees. Rolling Hills has met our expectations and then some!! We are extremely satisfied with the quality of their work."
- Sales Team / Smail Auto Group

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